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Perfect Praise: Laura and Breckin Sing a Duet

Laura’s Story


Most college basketball players spend the Summer working out and getting ready for the upcoming season. Laura Spradlin has done all that and more. She has also worked as a music therapist over the Summer meeting and encouraging some awesome kids.

Laura’s college basketball coach has sent her team a constant stream of motivation to get them ready for basketball. Laura has passed along this motivation to her kids, as well as lots of love and encouragement. Both Laura and the kids have overcome incredible odds to make this song possible.

Breckin’s Story

Breckin is an overcomer who loves to sing. Now, she is once again facing heart surgery. You can read about her journey through the eyes of her Mom.


Breckin’s Journey


The Duet

For one special moment, two overcomers shared a song of praise to the Lord who created them to bring praise to His dear Name.

And said to Him, “Do You hear what these children are saying?” And Jesus said to them, “Yes; have you never read, ‘Out of the mouth of infants and nursing babies You have prepared praise for Yourself’?” Matthew 21:16 NASB

That is what champions of grace sound like.

He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God; Many will see and fear And will trust in the LORD. Psalm 40:3 NASB


One comment on “Perfect Praise: Laura and Breckin Sing a Duet

  1. jer923 says:

    We see Breckin almost every week at church and have watched her learn to navigate and relate and particpate with great enthusiasm and confidence. What a delight to see where, when and how the Lord knits the lives of his children together to distribute and reenforce His gifts in us for His glory. Yea!!


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