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Concerto No. 1 in A Sharp Major

The Musician

Laura Spradlin survived a car wreck and a traumatic brain injury in 2014. After eleven surgeries she saw the Lord put her life back together and now plays basketball in college for the Ouachita Baptist University Lady Tigers. Majoring in music, she has decided to focus on music therapy to make a difference in the lives of special needs children.

This Summer she teaches music at a school for such children, many of whom are autistic.


First Day at School

Tammy Mullins started a special school, for special children. Some of the children at the school have been bullied in other settings. Their first day at any new place can be traumatic. Some desperate parents view this school as their last hope.

Nonverbal: The Inability or Lack of Desire to Express Oneself with Words

The new student came to school with the description “nonverbal.” This five-year-old boy was high-energy and constantly laughing and humming. His precocious wanderlust made him impossible to pin down. However, when he heard Laura Spradlin playing the piano he ran over and began pounding on the keys, adding his own contribution to the sonnet. He was fixed and fixated by the melody. Laura played on, and more importantly, let him continue to accompany her. As their duet finished, he decided that he felt safe with the pianist. The musical attachment was formed and he never left Laura’s side in the following days. We will call him “A.”

The director of this amazing school, Tammy Mullins, just happened to catch a stunning moment when the musical bond of trust led to something more. Normally progress can be slow, if even observable at all, but this time something wonderful happened.

The Moment

Here is the story in Director Tammy’s own words:

“The moment when a ‘non verbal’ child starts talking to you! I just happened to capture this exciting moment between one of our precious babies and Laura on Wednesday. Look at the excitement on Laura’s face.”

A’s newfound voice was the brightest note of this opera of life. As they talked together in a symphony of sound the words came gushing forth from A, like a concerto of music. As they talked to each other, a new musical movement was written for their earlier duet.


We will call this music: Concerto No. 1 in A Sharp Major

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